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Great SCM Ltd is a multimodal freight and logistics company headquarted in Dongguan, China. Since founded in 2009, Great SCM has always been striving to provide the best services of global logistics solution. As an experienced international freight transportation services provider, Great SCM not only supplies air freight, sea freight, cargo consolidation, 3PL warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, but also focuses on E-commerce logistics and import/export between USA and China.
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The advertisers are anxious for the new ad transparency policy launched by Facebook

One of the advantages of Facebook advertising is that it can subdivide the audience and display the ads to the relevant users. Facebook announced a ne
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The orders drop and the advertising costs remain high. Did Amazon sellers spend a fake Black Friday?

Many sellers reflect that they did not see the shopping spree, even the orders less than half of the usual and spending doubled than usual in Black Fr
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Soaring air transport leads to capacity crisis and higher rates

Snowball cross-border e-commerce and high level of emergency transportation have pushed the demand for air transport. Some shippers' demand for market
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