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Who We Are & What We Do

Great SCM Ltd is a multimodal freight and logistics company headquarted in Dongguan, China. Since founded in 2009, Great SCM has always been striving to provide the best services of global logistics solution. 

As an experienced international freight transportation services provider, Great SCM not only supplies air freight, sea freight, cargo consolidation, 3PL warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, but also focuses on E-commerce logistics and import/export between USA and China. Adhering to the strict service principle of safety, quality and efficiency, we own a professional team, hence win more customers and become their preferred forwarder.

Our Team

James Wang(CEO)

James Wang(CEO)

The founder of Great SCM. Graduated from Hubei University, James has studied for many college MBA courses like Wuhan University, Xiamen University etc. With 13 years of international logistics work experience and engagement in the research of import/export between USA and China for several years, James is proficient in corporate strategy and development.

Charles Feng(COO)

General Manager of East China Branch. Majored in Enterprise Management, Charles is the MBA of Zhejiang University. Charles has 20 years of international logistics experience, and he once worked in Expeditors International for more than 10 years, one of the multimodal freight and logistics company group. He is proficient in US and international supply Chain business and development.

Charles Feng(COO)
Ryan Smith(COO)

Ryan Smith(COO)

General manager of the US company. Ryan graduated and held an MBA from Columbia University. He has over 20 years experience in foreign trade logistics, specializes in Sino-US international supply chain management.

Yang Xiaoqin(CFO)

General manager of Hong Kong branch. She is the Certified Public Accountant and has years of experience in large enterprise accounting.

Yang Xiaoqin(CFO)


Great SCM happens wherever E-commerce exists.


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