Privicy Policy

Information about you and your activities when visiting the Great SCM Ltd web site (, may be collected by Great SCM. Great SCM does not disclose or otherwise permit access to information identifiable with any particular customer, vendor or shipment other than as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This information will be used, in aggregate form, to conduct marketing studies within Great SCM and to assist with improving and updating Great SCM’s website. While no security procedures are fool-proof, Great SCM maintains procedures to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the data it receives.

Great SCM will not, under normal circumstances, disclose any individually identifiable data about you or your shipment to any other third party. Great SCM may disclose individually identifiable data, but only in the following circumstances:

  •  Where disclosure is required by regional, national or international law, for example, in connection with a subpoena or similar legal process, or reports to government authorities.
  •  To companies that provide technical services to us, (such as website design and maintenance), and then only when such companies are bound to confidentiality with Great SCM.
  •  In connection with an audit.
  •  Where necessary to protect the interests of Great SCM or other participants in the shipments tracked on the Great SCM website, for example, in the event of suspected fraud or illegal activity.
  •  Where the customer has consented to or requested disclosure.

By accessing and browsing this website or downloading data from the website, you accept without limitation or qualification the terms of this Privacy Policy. Great SCM may at any time revise this Privacy Policy, and you are bound by such revisions and should, therefore, periodically revisit this page for any changes to this Privacy Policy.